Sunday, February 4, 2007

Alchemy Works

Do you want to create a magic or witch's garden? One day in my internet searches I came across Alchemy-Works when I was looking up information about black colored flowers. Alchemy-Works is a website for "developing your wortcunning (knowledge of plants)" if you're so inclined. They sell seeds, oils, resins,incense and supplies for people who practice magic and like to grow their own plants for that purpose.

In a previous post I mentioned wanting to create a magic themed garden and if and when I do I'll probably be ordering things from this site because they offer a nice selection of unique seeds you may not find elsewhere. For example even though I don't have the room or place to plant it I'd really like a Dragon Tree (Dracaena drago) because of it's unique growth habit. Other plants I'd like to grow from their selection are; Rusty Foxglove (Digitalis Ferruginea), Swansdown poppy (Papaver Somniferum), Himalayan Mandrake (Podophyllum hexandrum) just to name a few.

What I really like about this website is the interesting information that's included along with the seed/plant description and sowing directions. The site is designed simply and it's easy to navigate but the site has the potential to be a really wicked (pardon the pun) if they'd update it a bit. As you can probably tell I really like the seed selection the rest of the items they offer I don't have a use for but with a little thought their seed selection could create a garden that's unique and unlike any McGarden near you. They also offer seed collections if you would like to start a theme garden, they include: Astral Herbs, Black Flowers, Cottage Garden, Dye Plants, Medieval Plants, Moon Garden, Victorian Favorites, Witch's Garden along with custom orders.

I have to give Alchemy-Works 5 out of 5 stars because they offer gardeners some interesting plants and seeds to play with.


DragonStone said...

This reminds me of Witches' Woods by Dunecraft (One of those growing kits places I'm a sucker for) but the prices are too high for me to try them out.

MrBrownThumb said...

Yeah it is kind of evocative of those kits. I think I was just looking at one recently on Amazon.

If you go to the site under links you can find the link to the live journal from the owner of the site. It's funny that I've seen his blog before but hadn't put two and two together.

Anonymous said...

I recently made an order from this site and it has been 2 months now and i have not received my order. If that wasn't bad enough I haven't had any of my several emails responded to.

MrBrownThumb said...


Sorry to hear about your troubles with this company. You probably have already tried it but have you seen his link list on his site? He also has a blog on there where you could see about leaving him a message and hopefully you'll get a prompt response two months is a long time.

Hope you get your order and the seeds grow great.

Salix Tree said...

It does indeed look like an interesting site to have a look around in.
But I must say something about the dragon tree. We lived in LA for a while, and our house had an existing planting of several medium size Dracaena. They had leaves that felt like the edge of a sword, and were forever giving us cuts. When we started having kids, I decided to cut them all down, unfortunately. I felt they were very unfriendly plants for a suburban garden.

Harold said...

I'm the owner of Alchemy Works. I did relocate during February/March and got quite behind because of it. In fact, I'm still catching up, but I'm getting there. It was not an anticipated move.

Thanks for pointing out that the site is graphically old-fashioned. I hadn't really thought about it, but you are right. Thing is that there are so many other things to do.:)

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